Ber has been a lifeline in the relationship between myself and my daughter Rachel during her teenage years. Rachel began sessions with Ber when she was 13 and still goes on occasion, when the need arises.  From their very first meeting, they established a warm connection and through play therapy, Rachel found the safety to express and process the emotional challenges she faced.  From a parent mentoring perspective, I have found Ber to be an invaluable source of guidance. I am a single mum and Rachel is an only child. In a non-judgmental way, particularly during times when I was not actively listening to my daughter she has enabled me to reflect on my relationship with Rachel, to trust in her and her decisions, and to make changes which have empowered her to live her own life and become the mature, independent young lady she is today.  For that I will be eternally grateful to Ber and I would highly recommend her.  D.S.

Testimonial “DS”