How can Mentoring Help you as a Parent?

How can Mentoring Help you as a Parent?

Mentoring is a co-creational process between the mentor and the client where the client is guided and supported to uncover his/her full potential not only in the role as parent but as a human being.

This is achieved by:

Allowing the client to

  • Reflect on his/her relationship with self
  • Reflect on his/her relationship with each child

Also by:

  • Providing information that will help the parent to deepen their understanding of self and each individual child. This in turn will lead to competence in parenting.

The Mentor creates a safe, nurturing, empathic space which promotes

  • increased confidence
  • renewed motivation and energy
  • empowerment of the parent and the child

All of this is achieved because equal emphasis is placed on the needs of both parent and child

Support Offered:

One to one Mentoring: Every family is different and each member is a unique individual. This private support offers parents an opportunity to explore issues specific to each family and to become more effective in parenting self and their children

Small Group Mentoring held over a 6- 8 week period. This service provides a support network for parents to share the challenges they face in parenting. The safe non judgemental environment helps them to realise that every parent does their best and that sometimes they overlook all that they have achieved in their role as parents .


The following are topics for exploration either during one to one hourly sessions or in small groups over a 6- 8 week period, 2hours a week

  • Parents – Architects of the Family – Mirrors for their Children
  • Rediscovering your True Self and your Child
  • Self- Esteem – Key to your child’s future
  • Receiving and Expressing  Emotions
  • Academic Achievement is not an Indication of Intelligence. All Children are Geniuses.
  • How to Help Children Embrace Learning as an Adventure
  • Understand that All Behaviour Makes Sense, both Parents’ and Children’s
  • How to Communicate Assertively
  • How to Discipline so that your children will become both responsible and empowered to reach their full potential.


Also available:

One Day Parent Mentoring Workshops

  • Confident Parenting Workshops 1 & 2 provide the knowledge and skills to become more confident parents.
  • Workshop 1 – Self Esteem & Challenging Behaviours includes:

Acting out                                                     Acting in

Eating problems                                          Sleeping Difficulties

Nightmares, night terrors                         Wetting, Soiling

Separation anxiety                                     Social Shyness

Phobias                                                         Challenges with Learning


 Workshop 2:

  • Family Communication
  • Discipline with Love


Presentations in Schools, Education Centres and Organisations are based on the material above and are tailored to meet the requirements of the particular group.

The Mentoring Workshops and Presentations I provide for the Education Sector and the General Public are innovative, creative and humorous and at the same time uphold the dignity and integrity of each individual present. (See Teachers).


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