“Inspirations” is a series of talks, seminars and workshops developed by me for parents, teachers and all professionals working with children. They were inspired by the great minds whose teachings have endured the test of time and whose names are still prominent in the field of the study of human behaviour. My approach encompasses the philosophy of Socrates’ “Know Thyself” to Bowlby’s “Good Enough Parenting” through to the present day teachings of Psychologist Tony Humphreys’ Co-Creation approach interwoven with up to date neuroscientific research of  Bruce Perry  M.D. PHd, Child Trauma Academy Houston, Allan Schore Neurobiologist, Peter Levine Psychologist , Dan Hughes , Dan Siegel and Eadaoin Breathnach’s Sensory Attachment Intervention approach.

My presentations promise to be educational, encouraging, motivational, inspirational and stimulating!

The following are some of the Topics for my presentations

 1: Help me to Thrive rather than Survive. The Voice of the Child. Undersdtanding Why children behave the way they do.

2: Make Connections rather than Corrections. Understanding how to respond to children’s challenging behaviours. Raising consciousness and creating safety.

  1. Communication: Build Bridges rather than Walls
  2. Nurture Children’s Natural Curiosity to Learn.



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