From Tots to Teens

Being a parent today is more challenging than ever.  At times the task seems overwhelming.  At others it provides great fulfilment and joy.  It is always unpredictable; the challenges are forever changing and much of what we might have learned from our own parents seems quite irrelevant.

Parenting is a profession and is not learned by instinct; it requires many complex skills.  Parents have responsibility for the physical, emotional, social, sexual, behavioural, educational, creative and spiritual development of their children, and at the same time they must love them unconditionally. Most other professionals are offered, and avail of, in-service training, self- development courses, communication and relationship courses in an effort to improve their skills in their area of work. I am now offering such support to parents by providing One to One Mentoring, Workshops and Parenting Courses.

The parenting support I offer is an integrative approach based on the works of great leaders in the field such as Dr. Tony Humphreys, author and psychologist, Dr.Bruce Perry Child Trauma Consultant, Allan Schore Psychotherapist and  Neurobiologist, Eadaoin Bhreathnach SAI and others. My courses include up to date research in Neuroscience and psychology and at the core of my approach is the truism that “all parenting, teaching, starts with self”

It is also a truism that “parents always do their best”. However I recognise that parents, and others who care for and educate children are often in need of support for their challenging and complex roles as parents/carers. I believe that parents can only bring their children to the same level of maturity that they have reached themselves.

The parenting courses, workshops and one to one mentoring provided by me therefore differs from others in that it gives equal emphasis to the needs of parents and children. It offers parents the opportunity to learn and gives understanding of the intention of their children’s development. The achievement of these goals provides a solid basis for the establishment of healthy family relationships and for effective parenting.

“The purpose of the family is to develop relationships that will create the fertile ground for each member to mature into a sense of self, independence and productivity”. Tony Humphreys.


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